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The white marble structure is also called the Taj Mahal of the 20 th century but it is so much more than just a splendid piece of architecture. It is a place where several visitors from all across the globe come for peace, meditation, prayers and study. Located in New Delhi , the Lotus Temple is a famous tourist attraction of the city. Unlike other places of worship which usually have an idol of a deity people pray to, asking for either forgiveness or something that they deeply desire, the Lotus Temple is a rather unique place of worship. It is known for its beautiful flower-like architecture and marvelous ambiance that make it a popular tourist attraction for people of all faiths. He has won several international awards for this brilliant piece of work including the awards from the GlobArt Academy, Institution of Structural Engineers and more. It also gained recognition in several publications in the world like the Encyclopedia Britannia and Guinness World Records. There have been stamps of the Lotus Temple, books and even musical compositions created to showcase its beauty and grandeur. The temple was completed in and is one of the most visited places in the world.

17 Things Everyone Should Know About Epilepsy

Every building project is different, but you still need to tick off essential stages to make it a success. Understand the stages of a building project so you know what you need to do and build it right. Your building project might be quick and simple or complex. It might be an alteration, a renovation or a completely new build.

Have a Scientific Mind.

To get a better experience with our home designs, please download other browsers for free. Just click on the icon! The term dimension in architecture is related to the measure of things, this is their size and shape as we perceive them visually. In geometry, the dimension is the area of a surface, its volume and length or width. Therefore, dimension is the distance between the limits of a surface according to the lines: length, height, width and thickness.

By definition, architecture is the art of designing, projecting and building to modify the human habitat. These built spaces are three-dimensional, so the architecture plays with these dimensions, also covering small objects. We conceive the objects placed in a free space as three-dimensional space: high, wide and deep. These dimensions can be measured in three directions:. To this, we must also add all the dimensions that our mind can perceive, known as observable spaces.

The observable spaces can have one or many dimensions such as light, sound, color or temperature. Essentially, the dimensions of architecture are the dimensions of observable space. Dimensions are independent variables, which can decrease or increase without altering other variables. A line has a single dimension, but a point on that line can move to another place on it without affecting other aspects.

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Renting, buying and selling property, building and renovating, owners corporations, retirement villages. Refunds, returns, repairs, warranties, energy products and services, online shopping, contracts, advertising. Buying and selling new and used cars, pricing, cooling-off period, warranties, leasing, trade-ins, auctions. Apply for, renew, update and cancel a licence or registration, lodge an annual statement, legal responsibilities.

Register, update, manage, or search for an incorporated association, fundraiser, or patriotic fund.

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Dating a service member is different than dating a civilian. But just how much different is it? Here are eight things to consider before jumping into a relationship with someone in uniform. Troops have to deploy, which means not having him or her around for important events like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. If you’re a person that constantly needs their physical presence, dating a service member is probably the wrong choice. It’s okay to be proud of your boyfriend or girlfriend serving in the military, but you can take it a bit too far.

Gear includes t-shirts, bumper stickers, jewelry and more. You may think it’s cute and supportive, but you’ve just painted a target on the back of your significant other as the butt of many jokes.

Home Design: A Step-By-Step Guide To Designing Your Dream Home

Our family guide offers activities for kids and adults to do together, and we’ve added new content about the artworks on view. Using the device, swipe next to an artwork to play audio commentary and learn more about the works on view in the Broad collection and exhibitions. The Broad is committed to making its collection, exhibitions, building, events, and services accessible to all visitors. Large-print gallery notes and audio tour transcripts are available free of charge.

Visual description tours and ASL interpreter tours are available upon request.

Couples starting new relationships will naturally experience a psychological These things are good to know before you become too involved.

The process of hiring an interior designer can feel like dating. Is it the right match? Are you on the same page? How do you know if your visions align? All of these are common things to ask yourself before putting down a deposit—and taking a bet—on someone who might very well become a friend for life. Don’t be shy. Now’s the time to figure out what this partnership is actually going to look like. We asked two top designers to give their best advice on how to suss out a good fit from the start.

Here are seven questions to ask an interior designer before you hire one. How do you decide which projects are a good fit for you and your firm? It’s a little like an employer asking a potential hire why they think the job is right for them; by understanding how a designer evaluates your project, you’ll learn a lot—and see if his or her priorities line up with yours.

Projects go on for months and, in some cases, years, so you want to ensure that the partnership is respectful and enjoyable for both parties. Do you welcome client involvement or do you prefer clients to be hands-off?

10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

Epilepsy, also known as a seizure disorder, is a disorder of the brain that causes recurrent, unprovoked seizures. Those seizures are caused by surges of electrical activity in the brain, often compared to an electric storm. In most cases, the cause of epilepsy is unknown. Ley Sander, medical director at the Epilepsy Society in the U. In fact, most people with epilepsy experience “partial” or focal seizures.

These affect one area of the brain and can result in an aura, physiological reactions, or motor and sensory changes.

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You need to understand this, absorb it, and create your own mantra out of it. You are taken for LIFE. You need to realize this, and even announce it to your friends, family, acquaintances, basically everyone in your social circle. You are married! Before starting architecture school, remember to catch up all the sleep you can, because once you start your school it will only be a fragment of your imagination in a distant memory.

All the sleeping hours are going to benefit you, staying up for days with just a couple hours of sleeping in between, you need to be ready for that. If you have insomnia, bravo! It is the key over here. Sleep Deprivation? Forget it! So this is a positive point, if you have insomnia, you are doing it right. All of us have billions of last minute additions to make. For me, coffee gives me palpitations, that is why I prefer hot chocolate, and when I am out of THAT, tea does the trick.

Two Hundred Fifty Things an Architect Should Know

Consumers Home Business Home. When you are saving for a deposit, work out where your money is going and how much you can afford to put away. We have lots of tools to help you:. It allows you to claim back tax that you have paid in Ireland the last four years. The amount that you can claim is the lesser of:. Carefully review your budget to see how much you can afford to spend on mortgage repayments each month and to make sure that you have enough to cover the other costs involved in buying and maintaining a house.

Learn what a software architect does, what skills make them qualified and how to find Usually, software architects will have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer Many software architects attend seminars and conferences to keep up to date of lines of code and have the insight to know what common errors to seek.

Listen up students of architecture! We are talking to you today. Harvard University. Image Source: YAA. Here we outline ten things that we think every student should know or consider before entering into the study of architecture. Image Source: Shutler Architects. There is really no way around it, if you want to be an architect then you have to receive a higher education.

Much like any other professional field, architecture is a field of experts requiring significant education and experience. However, it may not be easy to get accepted into one of these programs. Admissions staff are looking for students who have excelled in math and students who perhaps have already shown some interest in design through internships, summer jobs etc… To help you begin your search, here is a link to a very extensive list of world-wide schools of architecture.

Yale Library. Image Source: Philosophy Commons.

10 Things You Need to Know About Dating an Architect

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